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How to get your property ready for renting.

5 simple tips to get your property rental ready and maximise your rental income.

it's important not to rush into renting your property as soon as it's ready. Proper preparation is key. Renting out your property isn't as simple as just putting up a 'For Rent' sign and hoping for the best. Whether you've built a new home or are waiting for a new tenant, there are several things to think about before making your property available for rent. To help you with this, here are 5 useful tips for getting your property ready for renting and more.

Tip #1 - Fix everything!

One of the most effective tips to get your property ready for renting is to make a list of things that need to be fixed or redone. Address every necessary repair, no matter how simple it may seem. Your tenants might notice these things and will probably not want them. Is there a cabinet in the kitchen that needs adjustment to close properly? Does the bathroom door require two people to shut it closed? Does the roof leak during heavy rainfall?

Additionally, ensure that plumbing is in top shape and fix any issues. Check for any kind of leakage or dampening problems. Have an electrician check if the wiring is right. Look out for different types of door locks; check if the lock needs fixing or not. Verify that all fixtures and fittings are in good and workable condition or not.

Tip #2 - Clean like you've never cleaned before..

Ensuring your property undergoes a thorough deep cleaning, before welcoming new tenants is of utmost importance. How about hiring a carpet cleaner for the day? A pristine living space not only creates a positive first impression but also sets the standard for tenant expectations, fostering a harmonious and comfortable living environment for all parties involved.

Tip #3 - Keep it fresh..

Just as we desire a fresh and inviting living space, our tenants share the same sentiment. If your home feels somewhat dim , applying a fresh coat of paint can breathe new life into the property. Not only will it infuse vitality into the surroundings, but it will also impart a sense of cleanliness to the entire house. While contemplating a paint job is a commendable idea, it's not an absolute necessity. Simply assess whether the existing paint is showing signs of wear and tear. While this may involve some expense, you can reduce costs significantly by taking on the task yourself..

Tip #4 - Enhance the Garden..

If your property has a garden, it's essential to make it an attractive feature. A well-maintained garden can significantly increase your property's rental value. Trim overgrown bushes, mow the lawn, and remove any dead or unsightly plants. Consider planting some colourful flowers or shrubs to add visual appeal. If the garden is extensive or complex, hiring a professional gardener may be a wise investment. It's important to establish who will be responsible for garden maintenance during a tenancy. This responsibility should be clearly outlined in your tenancy agreements. Some landlords choose to include regular garden maintenance as part of the rent, while others may require tenants to take care of it themselves. Regardless of your approach, transparency is key to avoiding disputes down the road.

Tip #5 - Regular Property Inspections

After your property is ready for rental and you've found your tenants, don't neglect regular property inspections. These inspections can help identify any issues or maintenance needs before they escalate. It's also an opportunity to ensure that your tenants are taking good care of the property, both indoors and in the garden.

By following these steps and ensuring that your property is in excellent condition, you'll not only attract desirable tenants but also create a positive rental experience that encourages long-term occupancy. Investing time and effort in preparing your property for rental is a wise choice that can lead to higher rental income and lower turnover rates.


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